Introduction to CSIM

China State Construction International Medial Industry Development Co., Ltd. (“CSIM”) is established in 2019 in response to the National strategy for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Greater Bay Area. We focus on providing development and operation of high-standard medical facilities in China, in particular the Greater Bay Area (GBA). We are committed to providing Total Solution Services to clients, including Investment and Financing, Medical Planning, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Operation, Training and Consulting on international medical, healthcare and rehabilitation projects. We are dedicated to providing healthcare services for all ages.

The strengths of CSIM is in having a very strong in-house team for design and build and operating high-standard large healthcare facilities, on top of a platform of vast resources network.

CSIM possesses a wealth of experience in building hospitals in Hong Kong and Macao. We have participated in the construction of 18 hospital projects in Hong Kong and Macao, 4 quarantine centres, and 1 community treatment facility, with a total contract value of more than 35 billion HKD. Totally, CSIM has built 1/4 of Hong Kong’s existing number of hospitals; 1/6 of the total number of existing hospital beds in Hong Kong, and more than 1/2 of the total number of existing hospital beds in Macao. CSIM also has designed and constructed more than half of the newly-built quarantine units in Hong Kong.

CSIM is proficient in applying medical building design standards from Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States and European Union. We possess a strong 500+ member for EPCO (Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Operation) of hospital project management. This project management team involves medical planning and design in architectural, engineering, structural; construction site management, and operations management.

The strength of CSIM is also in its ability to integrate resources in the medical industry, both upstream and downstream. Through collaboration with the world’s top-notch medical and healthcare organizations, research and training institutions in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and worldwide, CSIM engages actively in medical development and operation in China.

Riding on parent organization China State Construction’s strong connections in China in the arena of whole industry chain of Investment, Design, Construction and Operations, CSIM will exert its unique strategic advantage of bringing in international perspective to develop healthy cities and uplift China’s general health level to achieve Healthy China 2030.

Business Types

  • Medical+ Comprehensive Business Development

    Through investment and financing, construction and operation of international medical, healthcare and rehabilitation projects, CSIM establishes a health-centered comprehensive healthcare industry and develops healthy cities.

  • International Medical Operation Management / Consulting / Training

    CSIM Management Institute, with a network of local and overseas experts, will provide consulting and training services on international hospital operations management. CSIM offers consultancy service to upgrade hospital operation quality, and acts as a vital link connecting the Chinese hospital managers to the international compatriots and leaders in the field.

  • One-stop solution under the New Norm of Covid-19 epidemic

    In the post-epidemic era, CSIM offers one-stop solutions from rapid construction to operations consulting and training. With our independent developed & researched products of DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) indoor negative pressure isolation shelter module, MiC (Modular Integrated Construction) negative pressure isolation ward, MiC modular operating room and other international standard modular hospital products series, CSIM forges high-standard, fast build hospitals that can cater for meeting demands during both normal and emergency crisis situation.

Featured Projects

  • Hong Kong Infection Control Centre (Central Government supported)
  • Hong Kong Children’s Hospital
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Centre
  • Princess Margaret Hospital Infectious Diseases Centre
  • Kwong Wah Hospital Redevelopment Phase 1
  • Complexo de Cuidados de Saúde das Ilhas
  • Hong Kong Community Treatment Facilities at AsiaWorld-Expo (Central Government supported)
  • Hong Kong Quarantine Facilities at Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village Site A
  • Hong Kong Quarantine Facilities at Lei Yue Mun Park and Holiday Village Site B
  • Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre (Phase IB)
  • Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre (Phase IIIB)