Transcendence Company Limited

Smart Site

In order to fulfil different needs of our customers, we serve various types of software and hardware associated with technology, AI and IoT.

  • A. Attendance and Security System

    Attendance system: Face recognition technology has been utilized with biometric devices to identify employees and record their attendance in a real time basis. This system is extended to verify information such as the validity of their green cards.

    Security system: With the aid of high-resolution camera and artificial intelligence systems, we implement our system to monitor the general safety practices in construction sites, such as employees wearing helmets and if any violation is detected, warnings will be issued and recorded automatically. Report and data analysis are implemented as well.

  • B. Geo Monitoring and Cloud Analyzing

    Integrating advanced monitoring device, IoT technology and cloud base analysis is to provide real-time analysis for professionals’ reference. This technology can be applied to monitor the stability of slopes, buildings, infrastructure works and the like. The advantages of this system are not only to save manpower, but also collect, record and analyze the data from the monitoring devices for 24 hrs. under any climatic conditions on a real time basis.

  • C. UWB Positioning System

    This system applied Ultra-wide Band (UWB) positioning, Time of Flight (ToF) calculation and life recognition technologies. Its accuracy can be down to 0.3 m recording information on employee work habits, real-time employee location, accident notification and locate rescue in case of accident.