China State Construction Science and Technology Limited (CSCST) adheres to the enterprise spirit to “exercise prudence in the performance of our undertakings, and to build a solid foundation to achieve greater success”, and gradually develops into a comprehensive technology enterprise, integrating BIM talent training, BIM application service and digitized engineering management. Based on the advantages of the parent company's comprehensive resources, the company serves a number of landmark buildings in Hong Kong and Macao, providing a more complete and forward-looking BIM comprehensive solution for customers in the engineering construction industry, and becoming a leading technology company in the BIM consulting industry in Hong Kong and Macao.

The company's BIM services cover the entire life cycle of construction projects, including BIM bidding, BIM construction guidance, BIM operation and maintenance programs, corporate BIM team formation consulting, corporate BIM training and consultants. The company adopts Hong Kong CIC BIM standard, which can customize different implementation goals and processes according to the implementation entity, achieve design optimization, construction management improvement, control cost, improve collaborative management, and ensure construction safety. At the same time, it cooperates with many efficient and BIM software vendors in Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland to provide comprehensive support for digitalization of construction and management.

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  • North Commercial District Enabling Works is to construct underground structures for future commercial district development projects at Hong Kong International Airport. The main scope includes the construction of an underground structure of approximately 38,000 square meters, road engineering, underground pipelines and adjustments to existing pipelines. In addition, the project also includes 15-month optional projects: architectural decoration in the APM parking garage, electromechanical pipelines, airport systems and all related testing.
  • Yuk Wo Court is a project from the Hong Kong Housing Authority. Located at 23 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, New Territories, it is a single-family home housing estate with 46 floors and 830 units.
  • The first phase of the Wong Chuk Hang Station Property Development Project is a new stratified residential development jointly developed by the Hong Kong Railway, Road King Infrastructure and Ping An Real Estate. It is located on the south side of the Wong Chuk Hang Station. The project covers an area of ​​approximately 11,800 square meters. The floor area of ​​residential buildings is about 57,600 square meters. It is expected that two residential buildings will be built, providing a total of 815 flats.
  • The second phase of the Wong Chuk Hang Station Property Development Project is a new residential development jointly developed by Sino Land and Kerry Properties. It is expected to build two 25-storey and 30-storey residential buildings, with a 3-storey platform, with a total floor area of ​​approximately 52,800 square meters and a total of 600 units.
  • The third phase of the Wong Chuk Hang Station Property Development Project is a new residential development developed by the Cheung Kong Group. The project is located on the northwest side of the Wong Chuk Hang Station Property Development Project. The residential floor area is capped at 92,900 square meters and the shopping mall floor area is capped The total floor area is 47,000 square meters, and the upper limit of the total floor area is 139,900 square meters. It is estimated that 4 buildings will be built, providing a total of 1,200 units, and they will be completed in 2024.
  • The Hong Kong Palace Museum project has a contract value of approximately HK$2.2 billion and a construction period of 932 days. The expected completion date of the contract is November 2021. The project covers an area of ​​about 17,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​about 43,000 square meters. The project content is to build a 7-story museum main building, as well as surrounding parking lots and transportation facilities.
  • Tuen Mun 54 area 3 & 4 public housing project includes 5 34-37-story towers in Phase I, a total of about 4000 units, a kindergarten with 8 classrooms, property management office, supporting trail system, other ancillary facilities and related Landscape engineering. It also includes approximately 750 square meters of retail facilities, 2,000 square meters of semi-underground parking lots and other outdoor parking lots and loading and unloading areas.
  • The new school building of Maryknoll Convent School is located in the middle of Anda Village and On Tai Village on Anderson Road. It covers an area of ​​about 7,500 square meters and has 7 floors. It is designed according to the current school building standards. The facilities include 30 classrooms and 19 special rooms. , A library and language room, a student activity center, an auditorium, etc., and provide multi-purpose venues and other ancillary facilities.
  • The Changsha Bay NKIL6549 residential project is a residential project jointly developed by Sino Land, Shimao Real Estate, Wheelock Properties, K. Wah International and Java Holdings. It constructs 11 residential buildings with no more than 29 floors and 3 floors of basement. Among them, the height of the first residential building is 94 meters above the main horizontal benchmark, and the remaining blocks are 100 meters above the main horizontal benchmark. It is understood that the project will provide no more than 1,400 units, each with an average area of ​​about 70.6 square meters, and an additional 3,457.5 square meters of residential clubs.
  • The first phase of the superstructure project of Guanghua Hospital's reconstruction is a hospital project developed by the Hospital Authority. It includes a 19-storey hospital building with a height of 86 meters, a two-story basement, 2/F sterile room (including construction and design), 4- The 5/F long-span steel structure beam, the site area is about 8,148 square meters, the total construction area is about 146,000 square meters, and it can provide 681 hospital beds.
  • Jianhao Stanley Wong Ma Kok Road Project has a site area of ​​approximately 27,230 square meters and a buildable floor area of ​​approximately 22,600 square meters. There will be 11 4-storey residential buildings and 32 3-storey houses, providing a total of 60 Up to 70 units of villas.
  • North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Center: With the support of the central government, the construction of the temporary hospital next to the AsiaWorld-Expo was successfully completed and named as the North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Center and transferred to the Hospital Authority. The hospital covers an area of ​​approximately 30,000 square meters, with six two-story ward buildings, providing a total of 816 negative pressure beds. The hospital also has a medical center with pharmacies and laboratories that can provide nucleic acid testing services. There is also an energy center and other medical supporting facilities, including a liquid oxygen cylinder with a capacity of 11,000 liters, which can supply oxygen for five to eight consecutive days.
  • The first and second phases of public housing projects at North Tsing Hong Road, Tsing Yi, Hong Kong are housing projects of the Housing Department, with a total area of ​​about 14 hectares, including 4 residential buildings of about 40 floors, with about 860 + 510 units.
  • Castle Peak Road Expansion Project: The existing Castle Peak Road Castle Peak Bay section (from Guanqing Road to Hoi Rong Road) is a major road connecting So Kwan Wat, Gold Coast, Coffee Bay, Castle Peak Bay and San Sheng Hui, about 1.9 kilometers long . The purpose of this project is to improve the traffic conditions of this section, provide additional road capacity to cope with the development of Tuen Mun East and cope with the future traffic growth of Castle Peak Road; and to enhance road safety by improving road routes.
  • The Tian Tan Buddha Refurbishment Project: The Tian Tan Buddha in Po Lin Monastery was built in 1989, sitting on Muyu Peak on Lantau Island, and walking with Hong Kong people for 30 years. Now it is planned to start a large-scale maintenance project on June 2, 2020. , The main purpose is to remove oxides and pollutants on the Buddha statue, reshape the protective paint, and restore the original kindness and solemnity of the Buddha.
  • The fourth phase of public housing in Ching Ho Village, Fanling is a residential project developed by the Housing Department. A residential building will be built at the parking lot in the village, which can provide about 700 units and is expected to accommodate 1,750 people.
  • The Kowloon Tsai Swimming Pool Redevelopment Project is a project of the Architectural Services Department. In view of the recent sports policy and the demand for sports facilities in the area, it is required to rebuild part of the swimming pool complex in Kowloon Tsai Park so that the public can enjoy swimming facilities all day long. After reconstruction, the swimming pool will have a site area of ​​13,32 million square meters, with the highest non-domestic plot ratio and the highest building height of 1.23 and 3 storeys respectively. In the future, the swimming pool will be equipped with an outdoor training pool and a children’s paddling pool, while the main pool will be partially heated.
  • 啟德NKIL6574住宅項目主要承建工程包括興建五幢高層住宅樓,包括二十六層住宅樓及一幢五層住宅樓的低層組屋,包括約一百二十六個住宅單位、一層地下停車場、會所、景觀區。
  • Lei Yue Mun Public Housing Phase 4 is located on Yan Wing Street, Yau Tong, with a total site area of ​​1.11 hectares and is expected to provide about 2,000 residential units.
  • TMTL544 Goodman Westlink Tuen Mun Logistics Center consists of a 5-story modern logistics reinforced concrete structure, including G/F, 5.95m-high L1 to L3 and R/F floors;
  • 3801 Unmanned Vehicle and Baggage Transportation Tunnel Project on Airport Island: Build a 340-meter-long unmanned vehicle and baggage transportation system tunnel for the third runway on the existing airport island. The tunnel project starts from the existing parking lot No. 3 and then passes through Xiangtian Road, Changhang Road, and Airport Road to Changrong Road. It is mainly constructed by open excavation. This project involves a large number of temporary works, such as open excavation and its supporting structure, grouting Water stop prevents groundwater from infiltrating during the project, soil consolidation measures before tunnel excavation, etc.
  • The new student dormitory and teaching complex project of Baptist University is located in the northern part of the original Li Wai Lee campus on Luen Fook Road, Kowloon Tong. The new student dormitory is expected to add 1,726 places. The new complex has a total of four dormitories, most of the floors are student dormitories; the lower part will be used as academic and activity space, with a floor area of ​​6,900 square meters, and facilities include large-scale film music recording studios and studios, e-sports and multi-purpose Room and so on.
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