Sustainable Development

Sustainability Strategies

CSHK seeks to foster mutual understanding between stakeholders, promote corporate innovation and development, and establish sustainability strategies with the goal of creating shared value. This not only helps us to better adapt to the ever-changing operational environment, but also allows us to have a broader vision in creating long-term values for stakeholders, and create positive impacts on society and the environment. To this end, we have re-evaluated our role in the promotion of sustainability. Adhering to our promises in building a better world, we strive to unite the consensus from all walks of life and bring together creativity and knowledge.

Building Consensus

A city means more than just buildings and infrastructure. It is also a common achievement of various stakeholders over the years to create a more ideal living environment. Urban planning and architectural proposals must consider factors of the local environment, society and economy. The government, society, enterprises and other participants must work together sincerely to reflect upon our ways of building, managing and living in the city, so as to gain mutual understanding in promoting the healthy development of a city. We understand that stakeholders may be at different stages in the pursuit of sustainable development. This includes the differences in understanding, commitment and coping abilities in terms of aspects such as ecological conservation, climate change and residents’ health. As a main contractor, while we assist in the construction of cities, we also take on the responsibility in fostering consensus of sustainability from all walks of life. We proactively communicate, coordinate and learn to build a collaborative platform of mutual trust with stakeholders. Through these efforts, we aim to work together with all stakeholders to build a better living and working environment for the society.

The construction industry has a long history and a pursuit of sophisticated techniques and crafts. Technological innovation has always been one of the most crucial factors for technical development. As the global social structure is changing and information technology is developing rapidly, the traditional image of the dusty and crowded construction site is now gradually transforming towards the direction of the implementation of AI technology on construction sites. The widespread adoption of new technology has brought unprecedented changes to the construction industry. Over the years, CSHK has persistently invested in the development of smart construction sites, guiding employees and business partners into the Age of Construction 2.0. Throughout the process of innovation, we emphasis the combination of construction experience and technological breakthroughs to incorporate knowledge from different fields. We promote technology, such as MiC and BIM, and efficiently utilise them throughout the life cycle of construction projects, thereby realising the value brought by technology.

Promoting Innovation
Creating Value

The interpretation¬ of corporate social responsibility has changed in different eras. As social thinking changes, the public’s expectation of a company has changed as well. Traditionally, a company is expected to make profits to satisfy its investors. Nowadays, besides making profits, a company is also expected to manage its impacts on the society and the environment, and some even act and formulate strategies with reference to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so as to cope with the global challenges together with other members of the society. CSHK has been seeking a business model that can both achieve business profits and safeguard society’s interests, in order to grasp the opportunities brought by sustainability, meet various challenges, and provide solutions for local social and environmental problems based on our expertise, so as to create shared value.