Sustainable Development

Sustainability Strategies

We assess our role in the promotion of sustainability, striving to unite the consensus from all walks of life and bringing together creativity and knowledge for sustainability strategies that aim to create shared value, thereby fulfilling our commitment to building a better world.

Quality Assurance Management

Understanding and satisfying the demands of customers and ensuring the quality of products and services is CSHK’s promise to our customers. We uphold the quality approach of "alright for one time, alright for all times", and are committed to ensuring the construction quality through a comprehensive quality management system and control process.

Safety and Health

Ensuring the safety and health of our employees, sub-contractors and the public is our priority. We continue to improve safety management and are making good progress towards our goal of zero work-related injuries and fatalities.

Environmental Protection

As a responsible corporate citizen, we continually review and reduce any potential negative environmental impacts of our businesses and improve the environmental performance of our operations. We also apply our professional leadership and practical measures to support green building and raise environmental awareness.

People-oriented Approach

Through sound human resources management and resource allocation, we strive to provide a healthy, harmonious, fair and inclusive working environment, enabling the employee and the Group to complement each other, and grow together.

Community Engagement

The construction business is closely connected to the community. We emphasise the importance of our business to build community foundations for success, while driving local development. We also lead and encourage our employees to participate in a variety of community activities to create a livable community with residents.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Guideline