Sustainable Development

Our Standards

The Company establishes, implements and maintains its safety and health management system in accordance with the International Standard ISO 45001: 2018, and complies with the requirements of Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Safety Management) Regulations. The Company formulates comprehensive safety management guidelines and regulations that govern site safety measures and standards, and some of "China State Standards" are higher than the requirements of Hong Kong safety legislations, which have been recognized by the Hong Kong Government, Public Authorities and Private Employers.

The Company has a team of safety management professionals with more than 200 staff, and is recognized as one of the construction companies with the highest number of safety management professionals in Hong Kong. The team is responsible for implementing the Company's safety management system so as to ensure the Company's safety performance.

  • House Keeping
  • Lifting Appliances & Lifting Gears
  • Fire Safety
  • Electricity Safety
  • Site Health & Welfare Facilities
  • Work Above Ground

The Company Objectives

To lower the accident incidence rate To prevent any accidents, in particular serious cases

The Company is committed to

  • Attend to safety and health matters as the first priority and to provide a high standard of safety and a healthy working environment

  • Regularly evaluate and notify safety and health hazards arising out of construction works

  • Provide safety and health training to members of the workforce

  • Establish effective channels of communication and consultation among different work groups

  • Allow employees to participate in decision making process of Occupational Safety and Health Management System

  • Ensure strict compliance with both statutory and contractual requirements

  • Implement safety condition survey to enhance worker safety behaviour

  • Adopt all reasonable and practicable measures, and innovative means to maintain continual improvement on safety and health performance so as to achieve sustainable development of the Company


  • Certification of
    ISO 45001:2018
    China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) Limited China Overseas Building Construction Ltd. China State Foundation Engineering Limited China State Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Limited Alchmex International Construction Limited