Sustainable Development

Upholding the purpose of “Prosper Hong Kong, service society”, we utilised our own profession and human resources to host and participate in different public welfare activities, entering community and servicing the public. On this journey of sustainability, we look forward to working with all of our stakeholders to build a better, sustainable and livable environment for Hong Kong.

Main lines of service on “4+ x”
1. Care for the elderly Volunteer services mainly targeting elderlies
2. Adult employment Volunteer services mainly targeting unemployed/adverse/vulnerable groups
3. Care for the youth Volunteer services mainly targeting adolescence
4. House maintenance Volunteer services mainly targeting house repair, urban development and environmental protection
X. Creative space Flexibly develop other volunteer activities; volunteer activities initiated by company’s employees

We are always concerned with society’s ageing population problem. Hence, we organise different activities, such as visiting elderlies who live alone and who live in nursing homes. Besides caring about the daily lives of the elderlies, we also hope to understand their needs.

Caring for live-alone elderly “Rice Dumpling gifting” event

The 3311 Volunteer Branch responded to the Group’s Volunteer Association call on June 2019, sending out 50 volunteers to participate in the “Caring for elderly living alone rice dumpling gifting event”. We were joint with two volunteer branches of the Group and divided into many small teams, and visited 200 elderlies living in Wang Tau Hom Estate, to send blessings on the Dragon Boat Festival. During the event, our volunteers visited the homes of elderlies living alone, and brought gifts prepared by the Volunteer Association to care for elderly needs.

“Tea Party for the Elderly” Elderly care volunteer event

We care about the daily lives of elderlies living in nursing homes. In October 2019, we held elderly care volunteer event in Wong Tai Sin Ho Yam Care and Attention Home for the Elderly, accompanying elderlies to go out and enjoy a Chinese restaurant. With the aim to understand elderly’s daily lives, more than 16 volunteers participated in this activity to bring the elderlies joy, warmth and care. Before accompanying the elderlies, Ho Yam Care and Attention Home for the Elderly introduced the basic condition and long-term daily life of the nursing home, it also conducted training on wheelchair use for volunteers and explained matters of attention when accompanying elderlies.

Throughout the whole event, our volunteers provided one-on-one service for 15 elderlies, carefully assisting elderlies and accompanying them in eating at a Chinese restaurant. They also chatted with them while paying close attention to their needs and physical conditions until the elderlies got back to the nursing home. This event not only expressed care to the elderlies, but also exhibited the spirit of care for community, helping one another and actively contributing.

We utilised the company’s professional knowledge and skills, to provide volunteer service in house repair for community residents. We expect to use our profession to become the window for public interaction and communication, understanding the needs of different people in the society, and improve public living environment.

Care for local family’s repair plan

In September 2019, 3311 Volunteer Branch developed the “Care for local family’s repair plan”, conducting small scale maintenance in homes of CSHK employees in its first stage. Our volunteers visited the housing units of seven employees and conducted basic repairs, including inspecting ceiling paint peel, conducting filling, and also replacing gate lock. We aim to improve the living conditions of the beneficiaries through simple home repair. This stage of activity had a total of 16 volunteers participating, with a total of 32 volunteer service hours.

Islands district inspection and maintenance service

Since 2020, Hong Kong has been affected by the Coronavirus. The 3311 Volunteer Branch learned that some residents in Mui Wo Ngan Wan Estate were concerned about the possibility of virus transmission through damaged drain. However, they did not have the professional knowledge to assess the damage of the unit’s drain. Therefore, we hoped to use our own professional knowledge to help residents conduct inspection and maintenance work.

To this end, the 3311 Volunteer Branch conducted drain inspection and maintenance services co-organised by the Islands District Council in February 2020. We arranged volunteers with professional qualifications to head to four sample units in Mui Wo Ngan Wan Estate to conduct inspection and to confirm that the risk of coronavirus transmission does not exist in the drainage system as long as there is no unauthorised changes and damages. In March of the same year, the 3311 Volunteer Branch sent volunteers again to provide drainage inspection service for 20 resident households in Ngan Wan Estate, in order to confirm that the risk of transmission does not exist in inspected units.

Besides the four main lines of service, CSHK is committed to developing more volunteer services by participating in volunteer service events held by different organisations, and to continuing the expansion of different types of volunteer activity and service targets.

“Ocean Power” Water activities plan

In July this year, we participated the launch ceremony and summer carnival of the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s “Water Sports 4 All” Programme with 40 volunteers. The aim was to promote water sports, water safety and marine conservation concepts to students and citizens using campus and community promotion. Our volunteers were responsible for work, such as booth operation, crowd control and event support, to promote water friendly culture and activities in the form of booth games and water activities experience.